Happy inspect employee of capture social security to counterpoise in dimension happy inspect disturbance ceaseless! Happy inspect what be faced with?

Happy inspect employee of capture social security to counterpoise in dimension happy inspect disturbance ceaseless! Happy inspect what be faced with?

[happy inspect capture social security] happy inspect disturbance of it may be said ceaseless, on June 6, because default ad fare 61.55 million yuan, happy inspect a net to be appeared on the market by another company bright home tells a court jointly; Same day, happy because its default property to expend hire,the center amounting to the United States that inspects the subsidiary place such as the video, happy amusement that inspect each other expresses, happy inspect employee to face the dilemma that is handled official bussiness by off-limits building; On June 7, make a fixed earnings news greatly show on platform, happy 2 billion yuan of debenture that inspect a net to issue are stopped.

Arrived on June 10, the cheerful staff that inspect a net confirms to the reporter: At present happy inspect a net to already owed capture employee 4, the accumulation fund May and social security. Before this, happy inspect sports to already was exploded to give the issue breaking capture such as accumulation fund. This employee expresses: One gold indicates the 5 risk such as the accumulation fund of company regular pay, social security a pay to上海龙凤论坛

March, 4, show May for 0.

To this, happy inspect be in charge of concerning external personage response: This thing did not hear of accumulation fund of the social security that break capture really, passed period of time. To the disturbance cutting down the member of persons employed that appears ceaselessly, this personage expresses: This is a company only optimize a process, and actual condition actually not bad, pass without the ou上海龙凤论坛sh1f

tside so extraordinary.

In addition, still hearsay says happy inspect a mobile phone to cut down the member of persons employed again 50% , and mobile phone sales volume decreases greatly.

Happy inspect a net to be considered as all the time happy the company with inspect the cash below the banner to flow better, but as happy inspect continuance of the condition that lack cash, the happy Qian Jing that inspect a net is not hopeful also. Up to on March 31, 2017, the happy cash that inspect a net flows net specified number to be – 741 million yuan, indebted remaining sum is eighteen billion seven hundred and eighty-six million yuan.

Relevant news

Happy inspect a mobile phone or already by happy inspect abandon? Platform of sale of each old mobile phone already fell frame


ng to media coverage, happy because capital problem caused a series of conditions,inspect, had been immersed in very embarrassed condition now, there is a talk even before thi爱上海同城论坛

s the office building of branch of the happy bottom that inspect a banner is faced with do not have settle accounts hire, the information that is about to m上海千花网交友

ove to leave forcibly, although the message says this cavity is filled to go up finally, but still a lot of problems fail to solve.

Happy inspect crisis of mobile phone debt to was not solved tardy, besides orgnaization investor, supply catenary manufacturer, medium or small agent of channel, activity also suffers fully suffer. On June 2 morning, many 20 those who come from countrywide each district is happy inspect mobile phone supplier one word is discharged, the station is in happy inspect edifice doorway, halloo happy inspect return money. Till afternoon at 5 o’clock, happy inspect mobile phone respect nobody appear personally pacify one numerous supplier.

And in these days platform of the throughout the country’s biggest mobile phone currency also announces happy inspect a mobile phone to issue an announcement! Should be the whole nation happy i爱上海同城

nspect a mobile phone to answer at present manufacturer does not have library of stock fittings equipment, reason cannot have after service, and change mix newly safeguard period longer, wear below all this platform happy inspect a brand all type!

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