To pay express to become bilk new channel to pay to arriving wrap up should be checked first or rejection

Reporter of □ Xinhua News Agency still rises piece of Xuan Meng Hanqi

Internet times, shop on the net more and more be favorred by consumer. The bilk that can emerge in endlessly ” trap ” , however subsequently and c爱上海

ome, 100 new-style express bilk allows variety people’s air defense is prevented deeply. The personage inside course of study and expert remind, pay wrap up to want to be received carefully to arriving, doubt wants to be contacted actively first send a person, the decisive rejection that cannot contact.

To pay express to become bilk new channel

Recently, the cropland gentleman of Hunan Province receives to tag ” important file ” ” COD ” express, thinking is company ha新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

ir, did not think more sign after receiving sth, open wrap up to discover ” commodity ” it is a few pieces of waste paper unexpectedly. Cropland gentleman gives send a person to call, do not contact all the time however. Inquire express odd numbers again, those who discover monadlist to go up send an address to be Beijing rising sun, actual it is from Hunan Yue Lu is given out however, this ability realizes experience to pay express bilk.

Not come singly but in pairs, ms. Zhao of Beijing also has had similar experience. Not she what the net buys was received however tagging ” cosmetic ” to pay express, the discovery after sign after receiving sth is inferior commodity; She to send a person to denounce a view, phone of the other side is busy all the time however. “Is this bilk? ” Ms. Zhao says very furiously.

Reporter discovery, since last year May, friend of much earth mat encountered similar fraud. “Oneself can receive a large number of express delivery, did not think sometimes with respect to sign after receiving sth, absolutely empty discovers after the result ravels. ” mirror according to netizens, these express are mostly 3 taste without shampoo, perfume, headgear etc, cost wants a few money only, it is waste paper simply sometimes, but the price of COD a few yuan.

“Bilk element uses the convention that the net buys great master, let addressee arrive pay sign after receiving sth, the price of repass COD and actual kinds or types of goods is poor, gain money. ” a netizen expresses.

Door of the Ministry of Public Security handles a case personnel tells a reporter, this kind of express arrives pay bilk to basically have two kinds: One kind is ” false express member ” , cheat a victim directly to pay debt; Another kind is bilk element is sent, after getting consumer individual information, exploit the loophole of company of a few express, send a few not valuable goods to make express company acting receive payment for goods.

Should handle a case personnel says, after express executes real name to make, arrive mostly at present paying express bilk the case is the first kind. This kind of new bilk way caused the attention of much ground police.

It is difficult that partial express violates compasses operation to send investigation

The reporter is right ” to pay ” the bilk behavior of express undertook investigating, discov爱上海龙凤419桑拿

er a lot of express business points fill in when express is odd上海龙凤论坛

, although do not keep detailed address, want to sender full name also can be sent with mobile phone date only. To the COD issue that produce, most express member say oneself are in charge of sending only give commodity, differentiate hard the real value of kinds or types of goods, “Send or don’t bother 阿拉爱上海同城

to see me out is very difficult, don’t bother to see me out can be complained, sent, after client discovery is duped, also can complain ” .

Personnel of one customer service tells suitable abundant express the reporter, express company is average direct with send a person settle accounts, express member distribute the meeting when paying express to remind a client to examine goods; If addressee at that time rejection, express OK by go back. Once express laps sign after receiving sth pays, express company does not honor the agreement very hard with the businessman, payment for goods is recovered very hard.

The member that have some of express delivery expresses, although real name is made,be in carry out, but carry out lack supervise, sender does not show id card very common, although was shown,also cannot discern the true and false of Id. “Major express company has era to control payment for goods and COD business, company of the express in this process should undertake putting on record to businessman data examine and verify. But in be being operated actually, did not fulfil truly. ” chief discloses Zhejiang related some express company, similar in paying express fraud, because company of a few express has certain benefit to be divided into, often ” open an eye to close a key point ” .

Reporter discovery, arrive after paying express bilk happening, concerned branch checks a suspect very hard also. The or of mobile phone date of sender cannot put through at all, or close directly machine. Additional, cannot decide sender is with the individual name爱上海同城

or company name are sent, bring about return return information of amount process occurrence faintness and not easy inquiry arrives. And, to small bilk, police can be recorded only mostly, only bilk amount is achieved certain specified amount spends ability and case processing.

“Because arrive,pay amount does not calculate normally tall, great majority is decieved the people won’t be found out. ” public figure of one law group says frankly, consciousness of people thinking authority thin, illegal cost is low, also be one of reasons that intrigue of this kind of bilk prevails time and again.

Pay to arriving wrap up should be checked first or rejection

Suffer many expert that visit to think, to the occurrence that pays express bilk, it is privacy of individual of express line of business divulge, a token with market superintendency insufficient strength. Those who restrain this kind of bilk spread, the superintendency strength that should increase pair of express line of business, build privacy of individual of express line of business to protect a mechanism, answer to pay bilk to arriving from fountainhead.

Climax of lawyer of partner of office of Zhuo Li’s attorney points out, bilk element won’t carry out bilk only commonly, it is certain that batch sends bilk express to involve amount to arrive degree, belong to criminal bilk to commit a crime. His appeal increases superintendency strength, send to carrying out fact name not strictly to make and create company of people losing express, give according to fault degree corresponding chasten. In the meantime, build privacy of individual of express line of business to protect a mechanism as soon as possible, in whole be on the move information of individual of consumer of the protection in the process is safe.

Police reminds, pay wrap up to receive to arriving want discretion, want rejection only, fraud cannot form complete chain, fail naturally. Because this is like,pay not be the goods that buys on him net, especially those completely new package, want those who notice to examine wrap up to go up to send an address, open wrap up to examine before the face of express personnel, perhaps make sender telephone call directly, doubt wants decisive rejection.

The express doubt that the user discovers to he is received is like existence ” bilk ” behavior, should call the police above all. “The fund that era receives payment for goods is month of knot commonly, if be maintained to exist by police ‘ bilk ‘ suspicion, company interior has investigation mechanism, meeting first of short duration buckles payment for goods, check fact hind to return return close square, at the same time the announcement is pulled control relevant company, no longer collection sends a square express. ” chief expresses related express company, but this one action, need police is qualitative to incident, “We also cannot by receive a side argument to give this job qualitative, because with send also just have an agreement, because this needs police,intervene ” .

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