Industry of brightness hill milk steeps fall 85% China hold the stock market to be worth instantaneous shrink in safety 8.1 billion

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arket to be worth instantaneous shrink in safety: of 8.1 billion origin? ?2017-03-27 08:2 of Lv Shuo LingEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 4 Http:// channel

On March 24 dish in, industry of brightness hill milk (0.42, – 2.38, – 85.00%) steeps fall point-blank, drop at most 90% , share price drops to 0.25 HK dollar by 2.81 HK dollar.

Sina harbor ask to be informed with all possible means, the capital on 3 billion Zhang invests divert of large stockholder of industry of brightness hill milk estate, capital cannot reclaim, after sky of muddy water buy will repo爱上海同城手机版

rt last year in December, each go to audit investigation before domestic bank. Bank of China (3.92, – 0.02, – 0.51%) discovery, brightness hill breeds course of study piles a receipt to make a holiday.

Sina harbo爱上海

r inquiry harbor makes an exposure easy be informed, china is restful (43.85, 0.2, 0.46%) shows course of study of breast of hold brightness hill 25.48% share.

Brightness hill breeds the announcement by last year point上海千花网

s out course of study, yang Kai of large 2015 stockholder Ceng Yuzhong country is restful (02318-HK) subordinate and restful bank signs two years period loan agreement, loan specified amount is 2.4 billion Hongkong dollar. Up to by 2016, this loan still has remaining sum of 2.141 billion HK dollar, and reimbursement period will lengthen a year. Taste as impawn, restful bank is current industry of milk of hold brightness hill in all 3.434 billion, occupy already issued capital stock about 25.48% , this batch of share up to receive city value to still be as high as 9.61 billion HK dollar yesterday, but be worth about 1.44 billion HK dollar only to the front of brightness hill breeds course of study stops a card now, hold the stock market to be worth instantaneous shrink 8.1 billion HK dollar, actual loss at least 700 million HK dollar (loan 2.1 billion yuan, market prise still has 1.4 billion now, remain about 700 million) .

The outstanding achievement that restful bank just announces shows, annual is clean 2016 profit twenty-two billion five hundred and ninety-nine million yuan of RMB, rise compared to the same period 3.36% , plan the loan that raise decreases value loss to be forty-five billion four hundred and thirty-five million yuan of RMBs, grew 52.12% considerably compared to the same period, end loan decreased a value to prepare remaining sum to be thirty-nine billion nine hundred and thirty-two million yuan 2016, relatively the beginning of the year grows 36.45% .

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