Authority be good at is 35 million strong pull by hand spare wheel unexpectedly? Want freeboard firewood to hire Aobameiyang

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Is Modesite cover? Authority be good at even Aobameiyang

Lin Shuang of reporter of engage by special arrangement reports

Xia Chuang exceeds in already open, current, authority be good at affirmatory foreign aids fills strong, nevertheless, their first goal is as before ” beautiful Yang Yang ” Aobameiyang, is not at present the hearsay is close to immediateness De Jiatong boots上海千花网交友


Law intermediary, heart intermediary, it is to turn even meeting expert Dimaji abstruse, express in succession at present, modesite turns conference advantageous position be good at adjacent finish. The message says, last weekend, division grand sports is in charge of Shimateke, finance affairs to be in charge of Wei Le and authority be good at precatory bagman met in Spanish Yi pizza, but did not conclude at that time, division grand ask a price 40 million Europe, and authority be good at go out turn membership due is only 25 million, although go up to 30 million subsequently, but still have difference, subsequently, communicate through 2, both sides is in 35 million Europe turn reach on membership due consistent, and his yearly salary is 10 million Europe.

Shimateke tells ” kickball person ” , although turn,meet have not finish finally, but ” the trend is really such. ” Dimaji abstru上海贵族宝贝论坛

se express, height 1 meter of Modesite of 87 are the center that Kanawaluo wants, “He can wait for him in China ” .

” kickball person ” say, if do not have an accident, modesite will come to this week to division grand path to fasten, they still say, division grand already began to search the person 上海贵族宝贝论坛

that replace, the United States because the Keerd爱上海同城手机版

uowa of Ci, the Geleigeliji of the black spy of Mu of Huo Fen sea and hamburger is to await the person that choose, ” the picture signs up for ” express, social status the black spy possibility of 6 million Europe is the largest. ” the picture signs up for ” still say, modesite does not want to in going, exceed at first, he wants to renew the contract with the club, dan Kelong supports reservation attitude to him, do not resist quoted price, final, mode上海千花网龙凤论坛

site nods, nevertheless, first time, wife and two children, won’t accompany him to head for China together.

It seems that, authority be good at Mo Desi is only special a such option, but understand according to the reporter, they still are staring at Aobameiyang, can say even, their the first choice, still be Gabon nation base. This sports season, aobameiyang receives in glory boots of heart armour gold with 31 balls, each match infiltrates especially for how in all 40 balls, and Modesite is cupreous boots only (25) , and, on fame, aobameiyang is bigger also, he is the African football gentleman of 15-16 sports season, turn at present a favourite by sb in power on meeting market, so, authority Shu Yuhui of be good at boss more want him.

As a result of foreign aids policy, authority be good at very the situation that buys outright hard signs him, can lease only, in the meantime, provide the high pay that he refuses hard. Nevertheless, to authority be good at for, aobameiyang is not a good choice, one of, turn meeting operation difficulty is great, he is Europe turns a favourite by sb in power on meeting market, although at present big Paris already showed undoubted competition, but the message says, graceful city and Liverpudlian still have fun at to him; Secondly, do not accord with calorie of handsome tactics, the Italian needs a puissant center, is not speed model. So, integrated for, quan Jianru signs Modesite if really, go up possibly in tactical effect, biaobameiyang is better, after all, quan Jianxi hopes to be taken inferior coronal qualification, is to hit not just ” famous degree ” .

Somebody comes, natural someone goes, besides early do not renew the Malasi that hire certainly, those who leave still have Gewuwaniao. A few days ago, fulamenge Guan Xuan, rental case bird, it is reported, rental period for 18 months, free, and, authority master sportsman assumes his much compensation (Lei Yaer of the 12 million Brazil after duty, add up to 2.75 million Europe about) , case bird will put on 23 polo shirt of Fulamenge. Nevertheless, this caused old boss before this Sangtuosi’s dissatisfaction, ” round-the-world sports ” say, they hope to prevent this to trade reach, club chairman represents, according to at the outset agreement, if case bird answers Brazil, can join in only Sangtuosi, “Their agreement is invalid, we will appeal FIFA ” .

Inside aid respect, the Pei Shuai that passing all the time at the beginning of sports season joins in certainly, 20 days, he already was mixed authority be good at train together, turn about his membership due, outside talk is very much, shu Yuhui ever ” inadvertently blurt out ” , state Quanjian was spent at least 120 million, just get Pei Shuai. Current, his turn still can have a few ending, the fastest this week is finished, at the appointed time, may catch up with ample to distant competition.

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