F of heroic late evening

Palace announced the dream austral 10 thousand generation to be aimed at a few days ago ” emperor card air battle 7 ” conduct propaganda piece show a plan, the company will roll out a series of type introductions to publicize piece, every nearsightedness frequency introduces a kind of model, add up to 15 kinds. The company had announced 5 before, introduced opportunity for combat of famous U.S. Army air battle to represent ” battleplan of F-15C eagle type ” , Ou Shi is represented ” EF-2000 typhoon battleplan ” , ” F/A-18F ” MiG-31B of delegate of type of carrier-borne combat attack plane, Russia, and A-10C of right heavy-duty attack plane, of course the type that these opportunity for combat still are enlisting in army at present, the F-14D that introduces this is to already retired opportunity for combat. Battleplan of F-14 tomcat type (F-14″Tomcat” Fighter) it is a supersonic speed air that American navy ever used actor and long Cheng intercept use carrier-borne battleplan. For double hair jet, alterable swept back wing and double empennage, two-seater is configured, by Gelumen the company contracts development is made, be in charge of technically be fleet defense task of the center with aircraft carrier. First F-14 1970 test-fly, enlist in army formally 1974, regard American aircraft carrier as in order to replace opportunity for combat of F-4 phantom type the defense of the fleet. Is F-14 enlisting in army did later period ever increase low altitude navigation and demarcate of nightly infrared ray? Cabin, have stock basic atttack ability rightly accurately. F-14 enlists in army 32 years in American navy hind, retired formally on September 22, 2006, by F/A-18E/F super bumblebee type hits battleplan place to replace. The F-14 of last model is F-14D, following F-14B is to change euqally used F110 engine. Cockpit is comprehensive also vitrification, increased two muti_function monitor, radar converts APG-71 radar, make explore a distance effectively to increase to 370km. F-14D serves as the delegate of alterable swept back wing and double empennage, the appearance that cruel dazzles is mixed in work of much money animation had appeared in electronic game, the robot animation with river dark for instance classical normal treatment ” overtime empty fastness ” medium leading role brightness drive take the place of first prototype of spirit of female military of VF-1 of alterable form fighter-bomber is F-14D. The every other after Gong Zhi of the dream austral 10 thousand generation still can roll out new video two days, time is in December 6, 8, 11, 13, 15, 18, 20 with 22 days, intermediate year end can quit period of time, later January 8, 10, 12, 15, 17 still can continue to reveal with 19 days. These video will emphasize particularly on the characteristic that reveals every kinds of opportunity for combat, flight effect. ” emperor card air battle 7 ” will land PS4/Xbox One on January 18 at next year, landed PC platform on Feburary 1.

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