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Hypoglycemia is a kind of commonner disease in our life, to the patient of this kind of disease, should be in inside classics is a few more standing candy, eat one lump sugar to be able to alleviate effectively when hypoglycemia breaks out so, because hypoglycemia explains the sugar content inside patient blood is lower, can cause a patient very easily to appear, dizzy circumstance, so is blood sugar low should take candy more?

Should hypoglycemia take candy more

Hypoglycemia is the body secretes insulin to exceed place to need to cause insulin exceeding to carry dextrose from blood, cannot leave enough dextrose to offer vigor place to need. Hypoglycemia won’t be deadly, but can make a person very afflictive. Cause an element besides heredity the commonnest is food undeserved, namely functional sex hypoglycemia disease. Low1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Blood sugar disease may appear fatigue, giddy, have a headache reach unwell (when missing feed) , sweetmeat of blue, angst, longing, brains is unbalanced, night sweat, leg is soft intumescent, bosom tightens faint, sufficient ministry frowsty, often hunger, body is departmental and aching (especially eye) , . — proper diet is the key that keeps chroma of normal blood sugar and remedial hypoglycemia. New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Should hypoglycemia take candy more

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1. Eat much food less, a day about 6, 8 eat, a few snacks and snack eat before sleeping helpful also. Want alternant food sort, often do not eat; of some kind of food

2. Balanced diet, the carbohydrate that includes 50-60% the least (with) of principle of diabetic same food, include vegetable, unpolished rice, cheeseFall in love with the sea

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; of taro of pear, demon, seed, drupe, corn, lean lean, fish, acerbity breast, unripe cheese

3. Restrict odd saccharide strictly to absorb an amount, eat less purificatory reach treatment product (like fastfood rice and potato) , whiteForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Flour, soda water, wine, salt. Avoid candy to divide tall fruit and fruit juice (if grape juice mixes the water of 50% drinkable) . Eat macaroni, noodle, bovril, rice, cornmeal, sweet potato less. Legume and potato are OK a week eats 2 this.

Should hypoglycemia take candy more

4. Add tall fiber food and drink, when blood sugar drops but fiber and protein food operable (if wheat bran biscuit is added,give birth to cheese or almond conserve) . Eat fresh apple. Also can add a cup of fruit juice, can increase blood sugar concentration quickly. Before eat half hours take cellulose, also but two eatSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Helix alga is taken between piece, can stabilize blood sugar chroma.

5. Coffee of give up of pussyfoot of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline, alcohol, smoking, caffein affects blood sugar badly to stabilize. — if following symptom asks fast go to a doctor badly: Apparent exhaustion is frail; is listless (before taking food particularly apparent) ; disposition becomes irratable; complexion is cadaverous, much sweat or risk temperature of cold sweat; low, heartbeat is shallow hurried of fast; breath, dizzy the hungry feeling; with rapid or exceeding; of; eyesight faintness often has a headache. If itself is a diabetic, 10 hypoglycemia symptom appears several times to answer in the day as soon as possible go to a doctor.

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