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The nutrition in duck flesh is very rich, often edible is to have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid the action that raises a stomach, duck meat uses Bao boiling water normally, duck flesh is in Bao soup when it is OK a lot of tie-inner feed capable person, resemble wax gourd, dawdle, angelica, if soup of duck flesh Bao when tie-in angelica, have very good dietotherapy effect, everybody knows angelica is had enrich the blood the action of filling gas, what is the practice of soup of that angelica old duck?

What is the practice of soup of angelica old duck?

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The practice of duck soup

Preparation feeds capable person: Duck flesh 600 grams, angelica 35 grams, Jiang Pian 20 grams, clear water 800 milliliter, salt 1 teaspoon

Measure 1: After washing duck flesh clean, cut chunk, after the scald in putting boiling water is very hot, float of fish out scour off1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Measure 2: Angelica is washed clean reserve.

Measure 3: Take one stockpot to add proper water.

Measure 4: Put angelica and duck meat, boil with medium baking temperature boil.

Measure 5: Change Cheng Xiaohuo to stew 1.5 hours to control next.

Measure 6: Transfer into salt boils again finally boil can.

What is the practice of soup of angelica old duck?

Drink the advantage of duck soup

1, duck soup can fill calcium

There are many bone calcium and ossein presence in duck soup, people drinks duck to soup can absorb them quickly and be used more at ordinary times, can rise to be mixed to filling calcium those who increase skeletal density is importantForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Effect, to the mankind limply have certain precautionary effect sorely with lumbar leg.

2, duck Shang Neng enrichs the blood

Duck soup contains a variety of microelement, among them the content of microelement iron is higher, and the main effect that this kind of Shang Pin still has clear hot relieve internal heat or fever, at ordinary times people edible can alleviate deficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by it, also can use at the female to produce the recuperation with weak put oneself in another’s position of the back of a person.

3, duck soup can complement a variety of microelement

Duck soup is the Shang Pin with a kind of rich nutrition, it not only contain iron, still contain a variety of microelement such as zinc and phosphor and magnesium, additionally vitamin and amino acid also are the most significant presence in duck soup, soup of people edible duck can absorb these microelement quickly and use, the to these microelement need when can contented body metabolizes, have apparent profit to raising fitness.

What is the practice of soup of angelica old duck?

The other way of duck soupForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Wax gourd is old duck soup

1, the practice of law of a kind of spirit that soup of wax gourd old duck is duck Shang Zhong, wax gourd of the need when be being made at ordinary times 300 grams, old duck flesh 300 grams, salt and gourmet powder are right amount, pepper and cooking wine are right amount also and a few more right amount, additionally soup-stock needs to be in 1000 grams, balm, ginger and green paragraph each need 6 grams.

2, cut wax gourd flay into lump later, also cut the duck into lump to be washed clean, use boiled water scald, put duck meat into arenaceous boiler next, put thin soup, join the cooking wine of green ginger, boil make 20 minutes, again wax gourd piece is put into to boil make, salt and pepper and gourmet powder and sesame oil are added after thoroughlying cookFall in love with the sea

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Flavor, smooth can take out edible later.

Yam duck soup

1, the nourishing effect of yam duck soup is very outstanding, duck leg can prepare when make two, very light blue together, ginger 3 two, orange skin is right amount, dangshen two, the root of remembranous milk vetch two, New love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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The tuber of multiflower knotweed together, yam is right amount. Salt is right amount.

2, cut bone of duck leg take out into lump later, put into water to be boiled together with very light blue and Jiang Yi and duck bone, water of take out blood and impurity, take out next, abluent, put into the stockpot, add very light blue and Jiang Yi and the capable person of other Chinese traditional medicine that prepare, add clear water, firing boil make, boil after boil make 40 minutes, join yam, edible salt is joined to flavor after yam is squashy, smooth take out can edible.

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