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Cake is the food that a kind of folk often eats, be in especially birthday when, cake is indispensable, so cake inn does not look to do not have patronage of how many person at ordinary times, just making birthday cake actually also is to be able to live go down, after all Chinese so much, everyday a lot of people spend birthday, the sales volume of cake is natural need not anxious. Actually cake also can be made in him home, so, do 4 eggs do cake how to many flour need?

Do 4 eggs do cake how to many flour need?

Have to depend on what you do is what cake. 1. If you are done, is Swiss cake, lower muscle flour 80 grams are enough, still need fine saccharic 80 grams, corn is oily 50 grams, bubble makes noodles or vermicelli made from bean or sweet potato starch 1/2 spoon, milk 50 grams, bright butter 100 grams.

You do 2. the word of common cake, 100 grams also are possible, add a few honey probably flavour will be more delicate.

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Delicate cake does not need to put 4 eggs, actually 3 two enough also, perhaps do not put. For example Mu Mei ZhiShanghai noble baby

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Person cake, need digests biscuit 80 grams, butter 50 grams, butyric cheese 200 grams, yoghurt is oily 100 grams, fine saccharic 70 grams, bright Mu wine 5 milliliter, milk 50 milliliterShanghai night net

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, auspicious Ding Pian 10 grams, wooden berry juice 50 milligram, bright butter 100 milliliter, mu Mei 60 grams. Need to put an egg far from!

Do 4 eggs do cake how to many flour need?

Cake makes a method:

Advocate makings: Egg 150 grams, low pink 50 grams, corn is oily 24 grams, milk 24 grams, fine saccharic (albumen is used) 36 grams are fine saccharic (yoke is used) 18 grams.

Complementary makings: Weak butter makes an appointment with 400 grams. Bai Sha candy makes an appointment with 50 grams. Big almond a certain number of. Brandy is right amount. Black gallon right amount,

Delicacy suckles the practice measure of butter cake

1.The egg uses minute of egg implement detached yoke and albumen.

2.Albumen is put into the big bowl of the sewage that do not have oil, cent second join Bai Sha candy to be hit to rigid epispastic.

3.Yoke is joined fine saccharic, smoke light light break up with the egg, do not want to dismiss.

4.The mix in adding corn oil to yoke is even.

5.Join milk mix even.

6.The sieve joins low white, with drawknife reprint even.

7.Fill 1/3 in dismissing albumen puts yoke liquid, break up with drawknife mix even.

8.Enter the mixture with good agitate again the rest of in albumen, break up mix even.

9.Pour the cake batter that has mixed into the mould, concussion gives bleb.

10.Oven warm-up 180 degrees, middle-level is controlled 35 minutes. After giving heat, buckle immediately.

Do 4 eggs do cake how to many flour need?

Cooling drawing of patterns

11.If not seasonable back up is spent, the proposal is used last cake of wind of good relative of velar wrap up, avoid airing.

12.Become 3 with cake razor blade.

13.Almond piece put frying pan, small fire bakes to slightly golden.

14.Black gallon immerses 10 minutes or so with brandy.

15.The cent in weak butter second join Bai Sha candy, hit to back up to spend condition.

16.Wipe on cake embryo on the weak butter that dismiss. The weak butter of interlining, wipe divide evenly can.

17.Black gallon absorbs redundant moisture with paper with the kitchen, the code is in interlining.

18.A cake piece, the weak butter that dismisses on daub again.

19.Put has immersed black gallon in the code in interlining again, press in eating weak cream.

20.Put on last cake piece, wipe on the weak butter that dismiss.

21.Be in roughly first surface layer is wiped on the weak butter that dismiss, be in again all roundFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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22.Decorate the surface with spatula finally, let cake look more beautiful. After back up is spent, be in all round affix almond piece, decorate can.

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