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Because just move,a lot of people are special perhaps circumstance, there is Bao of meal of a report only beside, do not have the boiler of other fried dish, plus need life inconvenience stir-fries without method, if just eat rice to be able to feel to taste without what, do a fried dish with electric meal Bao as everybody, electric meal Bao not just can Bao soup, still can fryShanghai Long Feng forum

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Dish, method simple and firepower also is enough.

 Only electric meal Bao can make what food

Dish piece

It is more far-fetched that electric rice cooker does time-sharing of dish greater part to await, do not allow because of the condition only, character is inferior to normal boiler for certain. But below these food are more special, opposite for, the rice cooker that use phone is compared instead fry boiler, stewpan more maneuverable, and firepower also suits more, can say, these food food are what quantity of electric rice cooker has something made to order personally namely below!

The skill that uses cuisine of electric meal Bao

 Only electric meal Bao can make what food

About Bao soup

Electric rice cooker does not have the choice of duration, bao soup is conflagration mostly small fire turns to be stewed slow after be being boiled, if you want to control igneous bulk, commonShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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electric rice cooker is to be not done, but the boiling level that can choose to control the soup inside boiler, the method is the aperture with differ size of cap put apart, leave those who seam bigger boiling to be jumped over not acuteness, defect is hot loop change, soup and the among them character that feed capable person can be changed, the time of cooking also has change, the capacity of moisture also can increase, even aroma also runs for mentally. If your demand is not high, just want to drink nourishing, ripe boiling water, so above problem is negligible, electric rice cooker boils boiling water, without the problem.

About the fried dish

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Can electric rice cooker stir-fry? The answer is OK, but not all dish. Firepower of electric rice cooker is finite, those need conflagration explode fry, urgent fire is fried quickly, the vegetable pot for cooking rice using phone with enough moisture will fry affirmation is no good, although agree to will surely be fried ripe, but sell photograph and mouthfeel won’t good, fried dish of electric rice cooker applies to those firepower only not quite also can ripe still won’t affect sell the food of the photograph, fry in controlling a process although time slants,grow the vegetable with a not much also water, and Cheng of a few second half uses the food with ripe stew of cook over a slow fire of juice of a few soup.

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Rice cooker of this dispatches from foreign news agency because fire is not big, still suit to be used very much explode sweet green, ginger, garlic, chili- – won’t burnt, also suit to use ground meat of slippery ripe shredded meat- – won’t old. Need to notice in the process of the fried dishFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum
Be may need to be pressed forcibly sometimes heat pushbutton (the proposal prevents this kind of situation as far as possible) , need sometimesA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna
Want to extend cooking time, still need stew of the cap on the lid to make hot loop is quickened sometimes.

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