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Realgar wine regards very common Chinese traditional medicine as material, can achieve alexipharmic pesticidal effect, realgar wine is so OK drive 100 bug, can solve 100 poison again, nevertheless someone of very few now meeting drinks realgar wine, most him metropolis goes out buy off-the-peg, actually realgar him wine is inside the home bubble is made, have fun very much not only, and OK still successful feeling, want bubble realgar wine, in must use above the method right, still have even if had selected correct burden.

How bubble realgar wine

Main value

Realgar wine regards a kind of Chinese traditional medicine as the medicinal material, realgar can be used do antidote, helminthic. Then archaic person thinks realgar can restrain the 100 bug such as snake, scorpion, “Be apt to can kill 100 poison, monarch of admire of the 100 evil, poison that make a legendary venomous insect, person, into mountain forest tiger wolfShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Volt, into plain water 100 poison avoid ” .

Realgar, as officinal, the history is long, its property of a medicine is painstaking, lukewarm, big poisonous; puts in liver, stomach, large intestine ‘s charge classics; basically is external use at reducing bug, relieve internal heat or fever, remedial carbuncleLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Bug of itch of swollen furuncle, eczema, snake is bitten.

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“Name male sperm, Shi Huang, a kind of sweet grass yellow, yellow metals and stones, produce from and other places of Hunan, Gansu Province, Yunnan, Sichuan. Realgar [1] sex is lukewarm, small laborious, poisonous, already can outside put on the skin can to be taken orally, basically use do detoxify, kill insect, bug of remedial evil sore, snake bites external use etc, the effect is better. Realgar a few drinkable, can treat poison of Jing epilepsy, sore, but because realgar has cankerous power, must indicate via the doctor so, and the realgar wine ability that bubble of abide by ancient magic art restricts is drunk.

How bubble realgar wine

Medicaments and strong irritant can be made on medical industry, the realgar of high grade and gamboge ore can make Chinese traditional medicine directly.

Realgar wine destroys the five poisonous creatures. “Only when cannot forget, hold ” of king of forehead of Yao hairpin cattail. Forehead king, whenever,point to namely when dragon boat festival, the yellow rice or millet wine that use hero draws a word of ” king ” on child forehead. Also some besmears on nose needle, earlobe on a few, after some transfers into realgar liquor heats, still fall directlyA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Abdomen or wipe a body, it is so OK to say exorcise, avoid the gas of ” of ” epidemic disease. Realgar wine is poisonous. But up to now, every time dragon boat festival comes, some people always should drink cup realgar wine. Because people thinks,this basically is realgar can ” drive avoids the idea of 100 evil ” is in do mischief.

The main and chemical composition of realgar is vulcanization arsenic. Realgar heats via oxygen

Change reductive reaction to be able to transform for 3 oxidation 2 arsenic, namely drama drugs arsenic. This shows, drinkable heating male yellow rice or millet wine is actually in take poison. Wine is OK and outspread hemal, quicken arsenic to be absorbed in enteron and cutaneous, time is short person ten minutes, better 4 meet 5 hours one namely toxic, light person the ache after expression is cerebral bone, disgusting, vomiting, diarrhoea, bellyacke, Forum of Shanghai night net

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Defecate shows ” of appearance of ” rice Gan, the person that weigh dies to death.

How bubble realgar wine

With realgar wine besmear is in child head, nose needle, earlobe or on the body exorcise avoids epidemic disease, it is to do not have scientific reasonLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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. But as a result of realgar difficult dissolve at water, but the character of nitric acid of dissolve Yu Xi, majority realgar can be not absorbed.

Realgar wine has very strong except feel effect. Our country ancient time, the summer is divided kill destroy ill main disinfection drug, realgar wine is among them one of. Often spray it fall in the bed, the dark place such as the corner, in order to avoid the poisonous insect is endangered.

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