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Fei, occasionally when after everybody develops good coffee, also can appear when cannot be being drunk, then a lot of people can put coffee to freezer inside, staying to be drunk then next time, although won’t be opposite such doing healthy have what harm, but such doing can put coffee to lose a lot of nutrition, of course mouthfeel also can be affected, the coffee that has rushed so still had better be drunk.

Coffee puts freezer in can

Can coffee put freezer

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The enemy with coffee the oldest beans is oxygen, damp, light and heat. After coffee beans unseals, should put into immediately not pervious to light and in the container of pottery and porcelain of airtight, put in dry and shady and cool place next. Do not use plastic or goldShanghai noble baby

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Belong to container, lest make coffee beans inspiratory plastic or metallic flavour. And be the configuration existence with the beans- – grind taste now optimal.

How is coffee saved

Suit the place of memory

Coffee should store in dry, shady and cool place, scarcely should be put in freezer, lest absorb moisture. Coffee beans and abrade coffee are OK and freezing, what exclusive need pays attention to is, from coffee is taken out in refrigerant ark, the share that need avoids to freeze is changed and make bag medium coffee be affected with damp be affected with damp. Generally speaking, coffee is put in freezer to had been compared, nevertheless time does not exceed a month, take out from inside freezer every time drinkable deal, be in next did not begin before defrost abrade.

Coffee puts freezer in can

Conduce stores pack

Stannic canister can make time of coffee fragrance reservation longer. Plastic bag is OK also, but the amount that deposit is less than stannic canister. Vacuum-packed more be helpful for coffee deposit, make original gust more abiding. Return additionallyLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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One kind is packed is to use one-way a powerful person to pack, this kind of device is helpful for the eduction of the carbon dioxide of coffee, make be mixed to the fragrance of coffee fresh degree of reservation that gets utmost.

The memory of coffee beans

Have not bake or parched bean sink more had healed, coffee beans once by bake, can lose fragrance slowly, the fragrance after fortnight alls gone. Buy accordingly a few can, or buy a few already abrade good coffee. Be like mail-order coffee beans, had better buy the bean that did not grind.

How to drink coffee health

1. does not drink coffee after 2 o’clock afternoon

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Fei because of one of the richest natural origin.

Coffeine is a kind of a shot in the arm, this is one of main reasons with so welcome coffee. It can bring mood hearten to you, help you keep sober when you feel tired.

But if drink the time of coffee too late, it can affect your Morpheus quality. Morpheus not beautiful can bring all sorts of healthy issues.

Coffee puts freezer in can

2. does not add candy in coffee

Although coffee itself is healthy, but you can turn it into easily harmful thing. This puts one big fast sugar inside coffee namely.

Candy, because its are tall,basically be fructose is measured, be like with all sorts of serious illnesses fat and diabetic relevant. If you often turn coffee into the food that contain sugar, what you may affect you is whole healthy.

If you are unthinkable,your life is lived below the circumstance that there is sweet taste agent in coffee, can use agent of natural sweet taste, be like sweet chrysanthemum candy.

3. chooses a high grade brand, best and organic

Because the quality of coffee machines the growth of method and coffee beans means has very big difference.

Coffee beans apt sprays synthetic insecticide and other chemical medicine, pesticide is very big to the healthy influence of food. At present evidence makes clear, hangover of the pesticide in common produceLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Want than organic produce many tall.

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